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We hope that you'll be as blessed by reading these as we have been. We receive 5-10 personal testimonies, from returning customers, at each and every show we attend now.

Many of our customers have been referred to us by relatives and friends that have had success using our products. I plan to list more testimonies, as time allows. They are everyone just as important to us, as they are to the person giving the testimony.

I apologize...I have "slacked" in getting the hundreds of personal testimonies posted.

The testimonies we've listed below are shared (with permission) from customer e-mails and/or personal conversations, about their personal experiences with our products.


I bought a few psoriasis soap bars this spring at the home and garden show and use them on my scalp like shampoo. I has psoriasis since I was a kid and for the fist time ever I have a clean scalp.

I have tried many acne products, including products that were well over 100$ and the Eco Natural acne bar has been the only product I've ever used that has helped my face. So thankful I found this company!

I couldn't figure out how to post a testimony, so I wanted to express my gratitude as well as share my story with you so that maybe you could share it with others.
First of all, I've been dealing with acne and all that comes along with it since I was twelve. Now, being twenty six years old, not much has changed. I had my skin under "some" control up until about 6 months ago. I'm not sure if it was the cold winter, stress or hormones (or all three) but this past November my skin started going crazy and progressively got worse and worse. I've always had breakouts but for the first time in my life I actually would have classified my acne as moderate to severe. About a month ago I had THE WORST breakout of my life. I didn't even want to leave my house. Makeup wouldn't cover it. Every face wash or method I tried just made my skin red, dry and even worse. During this time I was in my local produce store (Hendersonville Produce) picking up some juice and wandered over to their bath and body section. I saw your group of products there and the "acne relief" soap jumped out at me. First of all...the name. Acne RELIEF. Not treatment, not control....but RELIEF. Which is exactly what my skin needed. Relief from the redness, tightness, flakiness and painful swelling all of the chemical ridden products had caused. I went home and got ready for work. I washed my face with your soap and after ONE use my pimples were significantly smaller and less red. After THREE days the breakout I had was completely flattened (left with some marks, naturally) but I could cover it with makeup. It has now been 2 weeks and just a few days ago I also invested in your acne relief balm. The soap, along with the balm has started MIRACULOUSLY clearing my face...not just recent marks but old ones as well. I am literally in awe of these products. I've struggled with acne for over half of my life and never have I found anything so effective. Not from a doctor or drugstore or anywhere...and I've tried everything. I'm sorry to have written such a long novel...but THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. Your product has given me confidence, peace of mind and it's also affordable. Please never stop making this. I will make sure my children and grand children and great grand children use this for years and years to come. THANK YOU SO MUCH.

I love your products! I am psoriasis free for the first time since being afflicted as a teenager! I am also the military wife of an active duty soldier. Thank you for the Memorial Day coupon!

My parents bought a bar of your pet soap at the Nashville Home & Garden show and I used it on my dog tonight! The lather was far superior to any dog shampoo that I have ever bought! The use of natural ingredients means a lot to us as pet owners of a dog with very sensitive skin. Only time will tell how this will effect her long term but she hasn't scratched a single time since her bath and the smell is amazing! THANK YOU for making a quality product at a competitive price! We will be supporting your business in the future and recommending you to friends!

Bought some of the toenail fungus cream at the Nashville Flea Market!!! Can not believe that within 2 weeks my toenail is almost back to normal. Thank you!!!

My psoriasis is healing! Your products,  along with the addition of vitamins D3/K2 and elimination of gluten, are helping clear my skin! My mom has had good results too. Thank you Mr. & Mrs. Hicks! So glad I met you at the  Centennial show. Kind regards, Meredith

Met you at the Centennial show. Bought the psoriasis relief combo. Good results over the last five days. Feeling hopeful for the first time in 20 years! Purchasing a second set of products to have on hand. Also making a separate purchase and sending to my mom in NJ. Thanks for the amazing products!

My 83 year old mother was experiencing some tingling in her hands. I gave her the cream to use and within a week, she was able to feel her finger tips again. I just read online that this cream, which I bought for neuropathy in my feet, is also for carpal tunnel syndrome which she was diagnosed with this past Thursday.

I started to try the foundation/concealer first. I stopped using market mineral make up because the coverage was just not good enough for us older gals. This makeup has really impressed me and I don't have to worry about what I am putting on my face and eyes. My daughter, who is a cosmetologist, said she wanted to try it (with skepticism in her voice) and now she is using it and loves it. Thank you for making a high quality product that is health for me.

I bought this (Eczema Relief Bar & Balm) when my 2 year old granddaughter had an outbreak of eczema on her hands. She had it one time when she was an infant. I decided to order this for her and have it incase she had another out break in the future. I can't tell you how much peace it gave me for her to use this instead of market brands that I have no idea what her skin and little body would absorb. Worked amazing.

I first tried your products after meeting you at the Nashville flea market. Your hydration facial balm is the only product I can use on my skin because my eyes are so sensitive to any other product on the market. Thank you for showing it to me at the flea market. I Also like your deodorant, bug balm and dry skin moisturizer. The facial hydration balm has truly been a God send.

Here are a couple of recent testimonies/comments from Open Sky Shoppers:                                                              

Menopause; This started helping the first night I used it. It has been the only thing I have found to stop my night sweats and hot flashes. It helps me sleep through the night. I take a menopause herbal supplement, follow a menopause diet and exercise to keep my symptoms at bay so I don't have to go on hormone therapy and this is the only product that will keep night sweats under control. I am so blessed and thankful to Eco natural soaps!

Eczema; I just got this a week ago, My eczema is doing so much better takes away the itchiness. will be ordering more thank you!

Eczema; Amazing!!!!!! I can't believe it made my eczema better instantly. Took away redness and itchiness immediately. Wow, I am so happy I found this product!!! Thank you so much!

I rescue senior dogs on the euthanasia lists from the high kill Los Angeles CA shelters. They often come to me in deplorable condition one of their issues being flea dermatitis and other skin conditions. Your pet soap is a miracle worker! It kills fleas on contact and soothes irritated skin. It also takes away all the shelter stink. I am very committed to using this product on my old dogs as it also does not leave any toxins on their coat.
Thank you for such a great product!

My sister in PA found this product for her husband who, like me, has psoriasis. My case is much more extreme, however. I've drastically changed my eating habits to internally address my psoriasis and apply Psoriasis Relief Balm several times a day to externally address my psoriasis. I'm gratefully seeing the plague disappear. I'm about to order more of the balm but want to make a suggestion. I wish you would consider packaging this product in a big glue stick type dispenser for easier application, especially where psoriasis is spread over a large area. I have "green" under my (short) nails constantly - not that I'm complaining. I'll continue to use this product no matter what.

I bought your eczema soap this past weekend at the flea market in Nashville for use as a shampoo because I have had a severe outbreak recently. Nothing had been working to clear it up and I had finally made an appointment with the dermatologist. I am happy to say that appointment is no longer necessary! I used the soap for the first time last Sunday (February 23). By Thursday (February 27) I could tell a remarkable difference...it was almost completely gone! Today, 6 days later, it is clear....no more itching, no more flaking and my scalp feels fabulous! I will definitely be ordering when I start running low!

Alan, I wish I could post before and after pictures here (they are on your FB wall) . However I wanted to post them and say thank you for your products...thank you for your work and research. I was talking to my aunt and since she knows I am interested in medical stuff she mentioned this "weird, itchy rash by her elbows" She did not go to the doctor, people that looked at it told her sometimes "rashes" showed up due to stress ( it looked to me like psoriasis. I sent her one of your soaps and balm. I have to tell you.it has not been a week yet. She washes and applies balm morning and night...as you can see it is almost gone. She said itching has almost completely gone away also. I will be posting in your website. A million thanks to you!

I love your mineral makeup! The foundation covers better than any I have ever used. It feels like wearing no makeup at all but washes off easily.

I have had psoriasis for years. Sometimes the itching is so bad that I scratch my skin until my skin bleeds. I have triede so many products and none have worked. I heard so many good things about your products that I decided to give your Psoriasis Relief a try. So glad that I did! My psoriasis has already cleared up completely on both of my arms. I am thrilled and have been telling everyone about your products.

I have tried so many products for my menopause symptoms, but nothing has worked. After talking to Alicia at the Nashville market I bought your Menopause Relief. I could tell a difference in the first week. After the second week of use I knew it was working. I'm now in week four of use and the night sweats, hot flashes, irritability and mood swings are gone! I am also sleeping well again and all night. Thanks so much.

My grandfather has really bad arthritis. His hands get sooo red and swollen. Recently during an attack where his hands we so red and beginning to swell we remembered my mother had purchased your Joint Relief balm and so we applied some to his hands before he went to bed. The next morning his hands were normal size and all the redness was gone. Our whole family was in total amazement! We immediately bought 2 more jars, so he will not ever run out! This is an awesome product.

I bought your Skin Tag & Wart product and just had to let you know that is is working great. I have been using it on a couple of skin tags and after the second week they are brown and dried up.0 I expect they will fall off tomorrow or the next day.

Thank you for the quick shipping of my order.  Also, I wanted to thank you for the bonus lip balm.  In the past year or so I've become allergic to all lip products (balms, lipstick, lip gloss, etc.).  The skin surrounding my lips would itch, burn, and become swollen with small blisters soon after using any of these products.  I'm thrilled to say that after a week of using yours I've had no reaction at all. The Tepezcohuite Bar and Balm are also helping my skin.  I haven't had any new breakouts and the ones that were there are healing quickly.  I must say that I am amazed.  I usually have some reaction to any skin care product and so this is a real blessing.  I am using the AM Moisturizer under my make-up in the morning and it helps it to stay in place. The shampoo bar has not broken out my scalp (yes, I'm allergic to most shampoos as well).  It lathers nicely and is easy to rinse out. I look forward to ordering many more products in the future and I'm so glad to have found yout website.  Thanks for taking the time and care to make such quality products.
Many thanks

Thanks, Alan.
I did receive the balm and the free bar of soap.  I am excited to try it!
I unfortunately did have a fever blister and was able to put the balm to
use, I was about 7 days into a cold sore and on the 6th day i was at a
water park and used a hawaiin tropic balm for high spf protection.  This
really aggravated the sore and gave it a red scab.  Day 7 I received my 1st
balm and used it immediately- the red scab turned to regular color with
just one usage of your balm!  I was certainly happy about that since I had
a party to attend the next day.  I used it under my lipstick too.  The
great part was the soothing feeling it gave my lips.  Very comfy.  My
husband suffers cold sores frequently so I will be interested to see how it
works when he begins with one instead of using prescription denavir cream!
Will certainly be trying other products of yours.  Appreciate the great
information on your site.
Thanks again-

This is my second order from you and I just wanted to tell you how grateful I am for the Tepezcohuite bar.  I bought it for my son who HAD troubled skin.  I think we have tried every over the counter acne soap out there and nothing really worked.  Then I purchased this soap and his face started clearing up within a few days. He loves it and I am thrilled to have found a natural soap for him to use.  Thank you so much!  Theresa

I just received my order of your products plus gift today. Let me tell you although I've only used your wonderful products for a few weeks, I can tell you my skin and hair are so grateful I found you online. Your products work because they are made by people like you who truly care and are genuine! God bless you more just as your products have blessed us! Please keep up this wonderful mission! Truly yours,

Hello~ I just want yall to know how much my daughters and I love your products* My daughter says that the Tepezcohuite soap has changed her life~ It is truley amazing~ She is telling everyone about it* thank you in advance*  Tammie

I am amazed by your product specifically the bar soaps. It moisturizes without leaving a film.  You have a life long customer in me!!!

Hi, I just wanted to let you know that your Peppermint Lip Balm is the best, most soothing thing I have ever used. I have severely cracked lips in the winter because it gets very dry and cold here, but this lip balm has fixed that. I won it from Adventures of a Domesticated Mama, but when I run out, I will be ordering more. Thanks!

I just wanted to let you know that since I've started using Seaweed Exotic Complexion Bar (Scars, Stretch Marks, Cellulite Bar)I won't use anything else.  My skin doesn't get dry nor does it feel oily.  I've had a problem with my skin drying out and having spots that itch so bad, but that has completely gone away with this soap.

I've also started using the Scalp & Hair Health Shampoo bar and it does a great job removing hair spray and built up of products. You only have to use a fraction of conditioner after shampooing and it leaves your hair shiny and looking healthy.

The products that I have used from Eco Natural are outstanding and I have recommended them to others.  Thank you so much for these wonderful products!

Dianne wrote: "Have been using this shampoo soap bar since they first started. I don't use anything else, not even conditioner. It is the very best I have ever used."

Mr. Hicks,
Thank you so much for the email and discount code.  This reminds me to visit your site again and see what I need.
I am not offended in the least at your glorification of our Creator.  He reveals wonderful things to us through His Word
and His Holy Spirit, doesn't He?  I am so glad you took the inspirations, thoughts and ideas He gave you to make
your products and share them with us!

Rikki wrote: "This product is a lifesaver for my daughter. She has eczema and scratches until she bleeds. This soap and balm keeps flare up to a bare minimum".

I bought the Joint Relief balm last night (Friday) at the Huntsville show for my Grand-Father. I came back to tell you in person, but I also wanted to have the testimony posted for all to read. He said he thought the pain and stiffness were lessening in the first hour, by the time he was going to bed, he did not need help getting up out of his chair or getting in the bed!!! He had me come back today (Saturday) to tell you and to buy 2 more jars. He said he did not want to ever run out! I'll tell you what he told me for buying it in the first place; Thank-You, Thank-You, Thank-You.

It definitely works wonders! We've been using it for our dog since August of 2011 and we love it. He has allergies so it's great because it doesn't irritate his skin, but it also manages to leave him smelling clean for days without that wet-dog smell that you get with a lot of pet shampoos. We've recommended it to several of our friends! :)

Thank you for making such amazing, natural and effective products.  Skeptical at first, I've never found better.  Happy Holiday season!

OMG! This is the BEST product I have ever used and I am a beauty junkie! My hair has never looked better, been more manageable and shiney! I just ordered a shower head water purifier as well...too bad I can't control the laundry room water...I do use sulfate free detergent...Will also be trying your laundry detergent recipe and more of your products! Please add this to my feedback if possible! Thank you!

And I have to tell you, the Eczema soap and balm are really working for my son.  He gets bad eczema behind his knees and everything seems to flare it up.  The Eczema has really calmed down since he started using it, and we’ve been using it a month and are only halfway through the bar/balm so it’s lasting a long time!  We are really happy with it.  J

Subject: Store locations
Message Body:
Is there a place in Houston, TX to purchase your products?  Can I become a distributor for Eco Natural Soap?  I received my order and used it on my Shiz-Tuh last night and want a BIG relieve on her skin.   Tonight I will give her a bath with the soap I ordered.
Thank you,

I absolutely love the organic acne product and my mom recently bought the muscle pain product. It has helped her so much. Thank you guys so much!!

Hey guys.... I am so thankful God put you in my life. First thank you for all your help to set up my space at Hendersonville Flea Market last week. Alan was so kind to lift out my heavy stuff and I can't thank you enough. Then on Sunday, my hands and wrists were hurting so bad... I usually take a prescribed pain pill for the depth of pain I have to endure. I was talking to Alicia about the foot relief products and Alan suggested then gave me the Numbness Relief balm.
First of all the smell was so pleasant and soothing. Then I applied a very small amount to each hand and wrist. With in (faster than the pain pill ever worked) my pain was relieved. AMAZING!!!!!
I was so excited when I came home telling my husband about my new
found treasure and new friends.
The products are awesome but more than that it was refreshing to my soul to meet people who praise the Lord for their business and give Him all the Glory.
You guys are amazing and I pray the God continue to bless and keep you and to give you all the wisdom you need to make the products! Sincerely Cordie Everman with American Past Tents.

The lady at Howard's vitamin store in Gallatin suggested your Foot Balm Relief for my embarrassing toe fungus and I was skeptical. She suggested that I use it twice a day for approximately 6 months as it was my big toe and it would take that long for a new nail to grow back. And I have been so pleasantly surprised! I have the most beautiful and healthy toe nail now! Jill H.

We were at a State Park here in Florida and decided to walk down a trail to the river. It was hot and humid and in the middle of summer. We had been on that trail many times before but the conditions were just right that day for mosquitoes. So I put the ‘Don’t bug me’ repellant on my legs and arms. They always go after me, so hubby didn’t put any on at all. Well....they came after us both! We didn’t get far down the trail before we decided to turn back. I didn’t have ANY bites on my legs OR arms...but I had bites on the back of my neck. And hubby had been bitten, too. So I thought this was a good test. NO BITES where I had put the mosquito repellant. (I don’t want anyone to be afraid of Florida in the summer. This only happened to us once.) It only takes a very small amount of the salve and it does not irritate your skin at all. I couldn’t live without it now!

My oldest son was being treated by a dermatologist who wanted to put him on a medicine so new and dangerous it was government controlled and required a liver test every 2 weeks. They pushed me hard to put him on it saying this was all that would work for the type of acne he had and that he would have scars the rest of his life. Thank God I said no and left the Dr. A few months later I met you at Teresa and Thomas's house where I purchased this. I have not regretted it one bit. He had almost immediate results. I am also now purchasing for my other son who is beginning to show signs of the same type of acne. And to think the"specialist" wanted me to give him a something that could have killed him or caused lasting harm. Thank you for making such a wonderful product!

A month or so ago, Alicia and I were at the Thompsons Station Farmers Market. Alicia was talking to about half a dozen people when a lady walked up and said; could I interupt you? Alicia answered sure and the lady told about how her 8 year old grand daughter had been to the dermatologists so many times and thousands of dollars spent to have a prescription seem to help temporarily, only to have the eczema return each time. She told how she had purchased the eczema bar and balm from Alica almost 2 months prior, but had not been able to get back and tell her news. Well her report was...eczema cleared and gone in 3 days and as of that day, 2 months later, grandchild's skin still completely clear!!! I praise GOD and so is the grandmother!

I am utterly in love with your Stretch Marks and Scar soap. Do you offer discounts for bulk orders?
Thanks for your time!
PS: The Wrinkle Relief Balm is the best facial moisturizer I've ever used.

Just wanted you to know that after years of treating my Maltese for a skin condition, including anti-biotics, antihistamines and many dollars, your soap has cleared it all up and he hasn't had any skin problems.
Thank you!
Yes, you have my permission . . .Thanks again

I wanted to share this testimony with you and thank you for your formulas and hard work to get rid of the chemicals and toxins in our homes and the products we put on our bodies. My daughter-in-law recently went to Florida to help her sister move-in to a new home. The mosquitoes were so bad they were actually getting into the home while they were moving. It looked like one of those commercials! Mosquitoes everywhere. Our newest grandchild is only a few months old and my daughter-in-law knew she had to be protected from the dirty disease carrying mosquitoes, but how? She remembered she had some of your DON"T BUG ME balm. She put a small amount on her finger and dabbed it on our grandchild and of course on everyone else. Voila, no more mosquito bites on anyone! You have an amazing product there. We both absolutely love your mineral makeup too.It is the only foundation I wear now. I'm looking forward to your blush and eye colors

From Facebook: Yay!! I love the foundation!! My skin looks amazing with it on and it still doesn't look or feel like I'm wearing makeup! I can't wait for more from your makeup line :)

Sorry to delay in thanking you for the bonus bar of Island Lime soap. (I've been a little under the weather.) It has the most amazing scent! Also, I've only used the arthritis balm twice, but could actually (I'm convinced) feel the positive effects with the first use. Now, if you would just develop a formula for weight loss (lol)!<

Just a quick thanks and praise - the Light Warm is a beautiful shade and just right for me! I can gradually add
some Medium Warm as my tone deepens this summer. The foundation is awesome! I'm really impressed and will be throwing out my previous which I mentioned was leaving a lot of residue in the air in my bathroom. I'll be glad to send a testimonial later if needed.

Thanks and blessings, I manage one of your health food store accounts. The first success with one of your products was the Joint Pain Relief on my finger with RA. It brought pain relief and reduced swelling within an hour. I use it as often as possible, through the day and will never be without it! Over the past couple of months, I have noticed almost miraculous improvement! The next product testimony is on the Back Pain and Muscle balm. I fell out back of the store and my arm took most of the weight and my leg was skinned up. This was Thursday and Alicia came to do a product demo on the following Monday. When she ask how I had been doing, I told her what happened. She shared the Back Pain and Muscle balm with me and the pain lessened within the first hour and improved all through the day. I tell everyone that comes in the store about your products and how they have personally done so much in my life.

I just received several of your products for the first time last week. And, what do I think? Well, I could truly cry (and this is not merely a figure of speech)! I have always had extremely sensitive skin all over my body [itching; small bumps on my body (other than my face) that baffled dermatologists; bad facial acne, oily skin & skin eruptions even now but less perhaps due to going through menopause (skin now actually tends to be a little dry)]. I have truly spent a fortune over many years on products (some were even prescribed meds) that helped very little, if at all, and some actually made the problem worse. Well, finally a product that actually does what it says that it will do AND at a truly affordable price!!! That is RARE in this day & age. I knew with the first use of the Tepezcohuite bar and balm that I had found what I had needed all these years. I have also used the Seaweed and Cucumber (now named Scars, Stretch Marks and Cellulite Relief) bar and balm. And, WOW!!! Both sets of above products leave my skin extremely soft and supple, and the effects last all day (from one use to the next). I do not think my skin has felt this soft since the day I was born! I do not have acne and pit marks, but do have some hyperpigmentation (black discolorations from old blemishes for which I have always worn heavy makeup in attempts to cover them) and I really think some areas appear to be lightening up (is this possible?). I am hooked on your products and hope you will always keep your formulations pure (and do what they are suppose to do) and your prices affordable. I ordered, but have not yet used the shampoo bar. I hope it helps the seborrheic dermatits the dermatologist says that I have, and that it helps to stimulate hair growth in bald areas of my scalp (alopecia aerata). Now, I need to get my 20 year old son to use your products for acne, and my husband to use the shave bar and one of the balms. P.S.-Sorry to be so wordy, but I think it is just as important to let a business know when they are doing good and not just when one has a complaint. May God bless and keep you and your family in His care, and especially in good health so that you may continue your ministry through these great, healing products! Thank you

I met you last month at the Nashville Expo and purchased the Foot bar and balm. I was so embarrassed to wear sandals, because of the terrible toenail fungus on my right foot. It is completely gone! I noticed something happening in the first week and by the second week I could see it was loosing it's grip! I could see healthy pink flesh through my nail by last week and now I am tan and nails are clear!!! I have been telling everyone. I should have taken before and after pictures. I was a little skeptical when I started.

Just a quick line to let you know that I received my package yesterday and wanted to thank you for the extra products. You guys are the best! Also, do not think that the care with which you pack your products for shipping goes unnoticed. I really do appreciate it! Lastly, the acne bar and balm is working wonders for my son. Also, about five days ago he had a severe allergic reaction all over his body to mushrooms and/or shrimp. He had hives, itching, swelling, etc. The whole nine yards. Before we went to the doctor, I had him shower with the acne bar and then apply the balm to the itchy area. And you know what? Your product relieved the topical symptoms. The doctor only prescribed a steroid, but nothing topically (he laughed and said that Benadryl topical cream would not help). The balm relieved the itching for many hours and my son only had to apply it twice more before all itching was gone for good. I am sure the prescribed steroid had something to do with it too, but the soap and balm did definitely give immediate symptomatic relief. Oh,yes. And while at the doctor for above problem, my son removed his shoes and socks for the exam and I noticed horrible cracking , peeling, and an open skin area along and between the toes on his left foot (probably from perspiration, not drying his feet well after showering, etc. Who knows?!). Well, I told him to shower daily for at least 2 or 3 days with the acne bar and apply the balm to his foot. Now I have not seen the results myself because my son went back to college from spring break the same day as the above mentioned allergic reaction, but when I talked to him on the phone he said that it had greatly improved after the first day! This is amazing! If I were reading these testimonials about someone else I might be skeptical, but my son and I have had amazing results with your product. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Hello, I recently started using your products. I am trying the complexion bar and balm. My husband is using the shampoo bar and the shaving soap. Personally I just love the products already. I have been so disappointed most of my life with other products, promises, I always get my hopes up and then nothing works. And all I have to say is WOW. Thanks so much, I will continue to buy my facial products from your company. God bless you for these wonders. And on top of it, I can actually afford this stuff

I just placed my second order for your products. I ordered the seaweed bar and complexion balm. both have done wonders for my skin for controlling breakouts and improving softness and puffiness (under-eye area). Iam now ordering the Tepez bar and balm for discolorations due to past acne problems, etc. i love the shampoo bar It lathers quite well. My husband loved the soap scum and grease remover bar after it cleaned his hands with little effort (all grimy and dirty from painting, etc.). I love how it cleaned the tub and not noxious fumes! I have now ordered more products as birthday gifts to help spread the word. Your products are fantastic! God Bless you and your family with continued success. Please do not change a thing regarding your products! Thank you

I ordered your Tepezcohuite bar and balm recently after reading a positive review on a blog. I have only used it 4 times now, but I cannot say enough about it. Immediately I noticed an improvement in my skin tone and texture. Marks from a pimple I had last week were significantly reduced and it stopped another pimple in it’s tracks! I thought I’d wake up with a big red spot on Christmas, but there was no hint that it was ever there. I was a little wary of spreading the greasy balm on my face at first; it seemed to go against everything I’d known about skin care. But it immediately absorbed into my skin and left me with a luminous matte texture that I could never previously achieve, even with the use of make-up. In the past 2 days of use, I haven’t developed any new pimples. That may not sound very remarkable, but that hasn’t happened to me since my hormones went haywire after childbirth 2 years ago. I am a hard-sell, but I must say that I am amazed by these products. You have a customer for life. Now I’m off to order more just so there’s no chance I’ll run out :) If you ever stop selling this, I’ll personally hunt you down and ring your doorbell until you resume production!

I purchased the psoriasis combo from Alicia last month, when she came by my work to deliver some products to a co-worker at the salon. My friend has been telling me that your products might help so I decided to give it a try. I have tried so many products and my parents have spent so much with dermatologists over the years. I was beginning to think I was going to have to live with this for the rest of my life. I'm the girl that came walking up to your booth at Hendersonville Expo last month exposing my elbows! No More Psoriasis!!! Several of our family members will be contacting you, because they also suffer. I have shared, but i don't want to run out, ever!
Thanks for what you are doing. I hope you will keep on helping people with all natural products. Oh, I love the cuticle balm and pink face balm

Hello! I just wanted to drop by and tell you completely wonderful I think your products are!!!!! First of all, the shipping was so fast even during the holiday rush. I was so excited when I received my order in the mail before Christmas. It wasn’t a Christmas present; I was just excited to try it. I found you on a blog that I frequent. They had a giveaway last month, but I just saw the post and decided to give your products a try. I have EXTREMELY dry skin and have tried a multitude of products from lower end to high end moisturizers trying to find something that works. I’ve been using Aveeno for several years now because it’s what has worked the best out of everything I’ve tried, but still not great. I purchased the body balm, complexion bar, and shampoo bar for my first order. I’ve used the balm and complexion bar and I saw an immediate difference after the first use. I’ve now used them for a couple of days and I’m shocked at how nice my skin looks. I never thought I would say that about my skin, but it’s incredible. Today I did something I have NEVER done before. I didn’t use any lotion/balm because I didn’t need too. I’ve gone all day without it and my legs (the driest body part) have not itched at all. I’m completely amazed at your products. I’m looking forward to continued use and I can’t wait to try the shampoo bar. I also can’t wait to try your other products as well. I purchased these thinking that if they didn’t work like most products I had tried it wouldn’t be a big deal because the prices are so reasonable, but that’s just an added bonus now! Thank you so much for producing such a fantastic product and offering so much education on your site

I just wanted to let you know that since I’ve started using Seaweed Exotic Complexion Bar (now named Scars, Stretch Marks and Cellulite Relief), I won’t use anything else. My skin doesn’t get dry nor does it feel oily. I’ve had a problem with my skin drying out and having spots that itch so bad, but that has completely gone away with this soap.
I’ve also started using the Scalp & Hair Health Shampoo bar and it does a great job removing hair spray and built up of products. You only have to use a fraction of conditioner after shampooing and it leaves your hair shiny and looking healthy.
The products that I have used from Eco Natural are outstanding and I have recommended them to others. Thank you so much for these wonderful products

My name is Adrienne Staggs. I stand by Eco Natural Soap & what it does! I have eczema dermatitus on my hands and body. The Tepez bar has helped heal my hands and rejuvenate my skin.
Thank You Eco Natural

I have been using Eco Natural’s Tepezcohuite soap for about a month now. I noticed an improvement in my skin after the first use. It has made such a difference in my skin and complexion. I really like the Citrus Blend Exotic Butters Balm and I just purchased my first Seaweed and Cucumber Complexion bar. I look forward to using it. I recommend and encourage everyone to buy Eco Natural Soap products

I wanted you to know I was just CRYING over your Exotic Butters Luxury Skin Balm. Why you say? Well I just had used it and left it out, my 2 year old decided she was going to be sneeky and use it ALL. She was covered from head to toe, before I could even really use it. I’ve used it a couple times and I love what I did get to use. I am so upset. :( The entire 2oz jar… is GONE. I also ordered the Tepezcohuite Acne & Troubled Skin Balm and the Soap. I have to say its been life changing for me. I have tried EVERY acne everything on the planet and got mixed results. This is just amazing, it works right away and the balm looks great under makeup!!! For the first time in 8 years I went out without makeup on. Thank You so much for your products

A few weeks ago I was fortunate enough to buy several of these wonderful products! I absolutely loved the peppermint soap and everynight I put the citrus balm on my feet and put my little socks on! The next morning my feet almost feel like a baby’s bottom! Give yourself a gift and buy at least one

I love Tepezcohuite Ance and Troubled Skin Bar and the Scalp and Hair Health Bar I have psoraisis and this is the first soap that has actually helped my psoraisis as well when i use the scalp bar it takes a quater of the conditioner as i would generally use, and smells awesome even the skin bar smells great

Hi, I just wanted to send you a note & tell you how happy I am with your products. I have tried & wasted
so much money on all kinds of “natural” products. From Whole Foods to Conventional crap! i have been on the search for the best & most natural products. I no longer use or support corporations & their lies & poison. The same with cosmetics & creams. I was buying skinmedica brand crap at a premiun, suggested by “doctors”. Made more trouble than help. I love hemp oil & so the obvious choice? DR Bronners. Well, not so
good to me. I gave your products a try before leaving feedback & i am grateful for them & your work. ALL EXCELLENT! I have dreads & LOVE the scalp soap! Shiny hair & conditioned, all from a bar & zero residue. The citrus balm i also put in my hair…LOVE it! Also you don’t overcharge, Thank You. Laundry is great for hand washing & all products are non drying. Love the lip balm & use ALL products daily & feel as if i can rest my search. YAY!

We periodically sponsor giveaways at various blogs as a way to help share our products and get the word out. Listed below are some of the testimonies we have received from these blog owners after they tried our products.

Lauren at Busy Bee Lauren
i am really excited to tell you about this company. you see, when i graduated high school i started getting acne and i was pissed. i mean, aren’t teenagers supposed to have zits? NOT ADULTS?! so anyway, i was pissed. i have tried many different products, but nothing has worked…UNTIL i tried Eco Natural Soap!
wow. i sound like i am the next billy mays. but cooler. if you can believe it. i have been using the soap bar, along with the the balm each day for just 6 weeks, and my skin has already cleared up so much! i luuuuuuurve it. oh, and best part? it’s very affordable! seriously, i owe my life to these products. i would give up my right arm for them…okay, maybe my left arm. i am right handed afterall.
I have had countless emails from people inquiring about your products…they are so excited about them! I am so happy I can honestly tell them it has been life changing for me. I will be a customer for life! I can’t wait to try some of your other products in the future. Thank you both for contacting me from the beginning! No doubt God has had his hand in your success, and I am so grateful. Of course you can post my testimonial! Thank you so much

Maryann at Domestically Speaking
Pure Delight Body Butter ~ I used this on my face every morning and night this last week. I have the citrus blend, which is delightful in the morning. It is a frothy, creamy butter that keeps my face moist all day.
Exotic Butters Luxury Skin Balm ~ I used this on my hands and feet mainly. It is thick and you think it will be greasy, but it wasn’t. My favorite feature on this balm was that it kept my hands feeling moisturized even after washing my hands… which I loved. I have the Peppermint one

Marian at Miss Mustard Seed
I recently learned about a new all-natural soap made by Alicia and Alan of Eco Natural Soap. Now, let me say, I am not a “greenie” at all and I am only in favor of using an “eco” product if it works just as well or better than one that was cooked up in a lab.
I was skeptical of this soap. If it’s not better than Dove, I’m not going to use it.
Well, I have to say…I’ve been using one of their soaps to wash my face every night for a few weeks and I absolutely love it. The complexion bar, although it makes you smell a little like a Christmas tree, makes your skin feel amazing. It can also diminish the appearance of age spots, cellulite and other imperfections in the skin. Of course, I have non of those, so I don’t know if it really works. Just kidding. What non-airbrushed, real human being doesn’t have imperfections? I’ll take smelling (a little) like a pine tree for amazing skin

Cheri at I am Momma, Hear Me Roar
I’ll be honest. I was a bit skeptical. I’m not someone who buys only natural or organic products. I got on their web site and gave myself a little tour. Let me just say that I find it completely refreshing to find people who are doing what they love and loving what they do. I was really impressed with the information on their site and their excitement, so I wrote Alicia back with my wishlist. About a week later I received the products to try. First off, let me tell you that I was REALLY impressed. I am excited to share these products with you because I geniunely love them. Everything they make is all natural. That means no harmful substances or chemicals. I’m going to tell you about each one, so you can figure out if it’d be your kind of product. The Seaweed and Cucumber Exotic Butters Complexion Bar This soap rocks. It creates a great lather and my skin didn’t feel dry after using it. My skin is a frustration for me. It’s oily in places and crazy dry in other places. Usually after I put on my foundation, my skin will appear super dry in certain areas. It starts to get flaky. I hate it. However, this soap somehow seemed to even things out for me. I’ve been using it for almost two weeks now (and applying their Body Butter as face lotion) and I am really happy with the results. My skin feels super soft. Yay! Skin Renewal “Pure Delight” Body Butter I’m been using this on my face. I’m always a bit nervous to try lotions on my face because I’m afraid they will make me break out. This lotion went on like butter, made my foundation really easy to apply, and kept my skin looking healthy all day. I kept feeling my cheeks because I liked how smooth they felt. I used to use an Aveeno soap and lotion, but I like the Eco Natural Products a lot more. When you see the products on their site you’ll notice that the containers are really small. Don’t worry. They last way longer than normal products because they aren’t watered down. I was impressed when I read all the cool ingredients. None of them have alcohol or anything that dries out your skin (while everything you buy in the store does). Luscious Lips/Lip Relief All Natural Lip Balm. The lip balm is really nice. I liked both the shea butter and the peppermint. Like the body butter, it’s nice to know that it doesn’t have any sneaky ingredients that dry out your skin even more. Scalp and Hair Health Shampoo Bar
I was really interested to try this product. Bar soap for hair? Until reading their info I didn’t realize that regular shampoo is 65-80% water. I was really happy with what this product did to my hair. The only thing that I didn’t like was the fact that it took a lot more time to use. See, my hair is pretty thick and it’s getting long so it took a while to really get it all lathered up. If I had shorter hair it would be perfect. But, as I said, I had no complaints about the actual product and what it did.
This balm has a nice citrus scent. It moisturizes really well. I have seriously dry skin. My legs are particularly awful. This was great for my skin. I really liked it and a little goes a long way.
I love my Eco Natural Soap products

Shelly at Two Classy Chics
The first thing I tried out was the Seaweed and Cucumber Complexion Bar as I needed to remove my makeup for the day. This is a nice sized chunky bar of soap that you use to wash your face. I used it with a soft facial cloth and it lathered up nicely and rinsed off cleanly. It didn’t leave any soapy residue behind and my makeup came off easily. My skin felt really clean after using it and I had no skin irritation. Since I was also getting ready for bed I decided to try out their Seaweed & Cucumber Complexion Balm. This is a PM moisturizer balm so I applied it to my face and my elbows. What I love about this product is that it’s in a solid form…like a lotion bar. It is green in color but you don’t see that color once applied to your skin. I loved that there was no scent to this product as I don’t like using smelly things on my face.You only need a tiny little bit and trust me, it feels like silk on your skin! (LOVE IT). The next day I gave my hubby the Scalp & Hair Health Soap Bar to try out…he has a terrible time with his scalp (not dandruff but scalp irritation) so he got busy in his shower with this bar. After he was done I asked him about it and he told me that he loved how it lathered up and that it had a light peppermint scent to it that he really enjoyed. After he dried his hair I will admit, his hair looked shinier! He told me he will continue to use the bar every day when he showers to see how his hair & scalp looks in a few weeks. When I went for my shower I decided to use the Citrus Sunrise Soap Bar and let me tell you, this bar of soap smells heavenly! It reminded me of a freshly cut orange! I loved how well it lathered, loved the light orangey scent and I loved how it just glides across a wet body. After I got out of the shower and towel dried I applied the Citrus Grove Body Butter. Again, I loved the scent and loved how creamy it felt on my skin. It wasn’t too heavy at all. The Citrus Blend Butter Body Balm is a lot like their body butter except its in more of a solid form. I like both of them equally well. I received 3 lip relief balms in my package and decided to share them with my daughter and mother. I kept the Pure Cocoa Butter Balm, daughter snagged the Peppermint Balm and mom took off with the unscented. Yes folks, I do believe in sharing (okay, I believe in sharing once in awhile LOL

Leslie at Leslie Loves Veggies
All Natural Baby Diaper Rash Butter – The minute this arrived I opened the jar and inhaled the lovely lavender scent. My Little Guy liked the fragrance too! :) The consistency of this ‘butter’ is marvelous. Dig in and take a little. When you apply to baby’s bottom it literally melts on contact to sooth tender baby skin! Application is easy peasy!! All Natural Baby Bath Bar – My Little Guy loves his bath, but he has such dry sensitive skin. This bar was formulated specifically for “Baby” with special ingredients like Calendula Infused Rice Bran Oil, Rosehip Seed Oil, Camellia Seed Oil, Jojoba and Sunflower Oil, but it is perfect for anyone with sensitive skin issues that require an ultra gentle soap. You’ll get a wonderful lather without any artificial fragrances, colorants or preservatives. This handmade bar is lightly scented with Cape Lavender Essential Oil to promote a calming effect. I use that to my benefit! I’m one smart cookie. My Little Guy gets his bath. Then I turn the lights down low and we have quite time and he winds down for a few minutes then goes to bed! Lip Relief All Natural Lip Balm – I suffer so badly from dry, cracked so lips. I noticed that My Little Guy has chapped lips too. Ugghhh, that poor thing. He already knows what to do when he sees me coming at him with lip balm! With other balms I find myself applying every 15 minutes. Lip Relief All Natural Lip Balm is non-greasy and fast absorbing, but nurtures the unique skin of your lips for hours. Seaweed & Cucumber Exotic Butters Complexion Bar – No Artificial Fragrances, Colorants or Preservatives. My face is very very dry. I wear makeup every day. Although my eye makeup is not waterproof I often find leftover ‘racoon eyes’ after I wash my face with a regular bar of soap. Regular soaps just don’t have the ability to remove makeup. The Seaweed & Cucumber Exotic Butters Complexion Bar can! After you wash and dry your face you’ll notice that your skin doesn’t have that parched dry feeling. Your skin feels smooth and soft like you’ve already applied a luxurious moisturizer. Skin Renewal “Pure Delight” Body Butter 2 oz. Jar – I love Body Butters! My skin is so dry sometimes I feel like a snake ready to shed my skin. Shea butter is fabulous in my book. My only gripe is that it can be greasy. I ‘tolerate’ that because of the wonderful benefits it affords my skin. OhMyGosh, I found the best of both worlds! Skin Renewal “Pure Delight” Body Butter contains Shea Butter plus some other fabu ingredients that will leave your skin luxuriously soft and very ‘un-snake-like”! HaHa! Howeva, this Body Butter is not heavy, greasy or oily! I use Pure Delight Body Butter around my eyes, on my hands (especially on my cuticles), on my feet (the heel area ahhhhhhhhhh) and any place I tend to be dry. Skin Renewal “Pure Delight” Body Butter is an all over body butter that’s full of vitamins, essential fatty acids and minerals. I like to use this Body Butter and get dressed right away. No worried about getting my clothes greasy

Mary at To Spend Or Save
The first bar I tried was the Bath and Body Bar with Jojoba, Shea, and Flaxseed. It came in a Citrus Sunshine Scent which smells great-not overpowering at all. They also sell a Peppermint that sounds delicious! It lathered really well on my wash cloth and I felt clean and fresh when getting out of the shower. I don’t usually use bar soap because I think it is drying, but this one will definitely be used until it is gone.

Next, I tried the Seaweed and Cucumber Complexion Bar. My facial skin is very sensitive so my biggest fear was pain immediately and breaking out afterwards. However, those fears were completely unwarranted! When I first used it, I thought my face wasn’t as clean but then realized it wasn’t the clean feeling I was missing but the pain or tingling feeling. I’m not use to using something on my face that doesn’t have strong chemicals so it felt a little different-good different! I could tell a huge difference immediately because my face felt so smooth. I can’t wait to see long term results!

The “Closest Shave” Bar was the next in line to try. It is formulated for sensitive skin such as bikini line, throat, and underarms. Now out all of them, this is my FAVORITE. I hate shaving cream because I feel it’s drying so I usually end up using conditioner which is such a waste! However, using this bar was truly a “close shave” and even after drying off my underarms they were smooth and didn’t feel dry. This is something I will probably fight my husband over because he loves it too!

The last bar I received is not one for the body, but for the bathtub itself! Not just the bathtub but stainless steel, formica, and more. It is the Soap Scum Remover and Grease Cutting Bar. It came in a Tangerine Forrest Meadow scent and smells SO much better than any bathtub cleaner I have ever used! They do warn that this bar has fine grade pumice so make sure to check it on a small spot incase it scratches. Now I don’t have to flee my bathroom (or even apartment) after scrubbing the bathroom down. No more headaches caused by harsh chemicals.

Finally, I received the Pure Delight Butter Butter. It is unscented which I love because lotions will usually give me a headache. However, you can order it in the Citrus Blend if you do prefer a scent. It is a whipped texture but goes on thick and covers well. I did make the mistake of trying to use the computer afterwards and my hands felt a little greasy (I think I used too much). I waited about 3-4 minutes though and I was good to go!

To Spend? Definitely give these all natural products a try! They far succeeded my expectations and I’m sure you will love them as much as I do.