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FYI - even though we ship free, the shopping cart software requires we enter a weight value for every product listing. We selected 1 lb as a default setting. This is the shipping weight, not the actual product weight. Jars are 2 oz liquid value and bars are 5 oz dry weight value, when cut.

Our guidelines for formulating products is first and foremost; formulate for effect, not appeal.

The Bath & Body bars are very appealing in appearance and fragrance, with fresh scents from essential oils and "Earthy" colors produced by herbals, all while producing tremendous lather and an awesome "after-feel". The Bath & Body products are the slight exception to the rule, in that smell and appearance are considred in the formulating of these products.

The remainder of our product line is formulated purely for results! Some do not smell all that pleasant, but people purchase them for results, not asthetics!!!

One example is the Shampoo bar, while it does have a most pleasant smell and appearance, the essential oils just happen to smell nice, because they are used purely for their effect to generate scalp and hair health.

Many of the "Special Purpose" products do actually smell and look nice, but it is purely by happen chance, as all these ingredients are always used for their therapuetic attributes.

We have found customers do not care, much at all, whether it smells or looks nice, only that IT WORKS!!!