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FYI - even though we ship free, the shopping cart software requires we enter a weight value for every product listing. We selected 1 lb as a default setting. This is the shipping weight, not the actual product weight. Jars are 2 oz liquid value and bars are 5 oz dry weight value, when cut.

While researching herbals and phytonutrients pertaining to positive effects with psoriasis, I came across an herbal named; Indigo Naturalis. I noticed an article on WebMD and several other sites regarding different research programs and double blind test results on this amazing plant’s effectiveness for, specifically psoriasis, so the wheels start turning to find other ingredients with positive effects and create a new formula specifically for helping people suffering from psoriasis.

About the same time Alicia gets a phone call, on a Sunday afternoon. The caller tells Alicia that a friend told her to contact us and had given her our number. The caller explains about a teenage girl’s struggle with psoriasis. She described how other children at school would avoid the child, how they would not sit in a chair after her, how they would not touch her and would get up from the table when she sat down, it went on and on.

This motivated me to “get in gear” and formulate a product with ingredients specific to dealing with the challenges of psoriasis. The formula contains Tepezcohuite, but also incorporates the newly acquired indigo naturalis along with a specialized list of herbals, oils and botanical extracts just pertaining to psoriasis.

This formula will provide relief to any dermatitis due to the soothing properties of the herbals but it specifically works on regulating skin cell production levels and relieving the pain and itching associated with plaque psoriasis. A normal skin cell’s life span is about 30 days and with plaque psoriasis it is 2-4 days, so the skin cells literally stack on top of each other forming flaking layers that itch and are painful.

The Psoriasis bar is formulated to compliment the Psoriasis Relief Balm. What we gather from psoriasis sufferers is all the soap they try, even very expensive doctor prescribed still burns and irritates their skin. They are just too harsh, because of all the chemicals and surfactants.
Our customers have reported a much more noticeable improvement from using the Psoriasis Relief bar and balm, due in great part to the Indigo Naturalis and other specific herbals for psoriasis. This bar has ingredients to address plaque psoriasis specifically and the flaky skin, itching and pain usually associated with the skin condition.
This bar will also work great for the scalp occurring psoriasis. So many people with psoriasis on their scalp report having major challenges with chemical shampoos.

Balm Ingredients:Rice Bran Infused Oil of: Horsetail Grass, Burdock Root, Eucalyptus leaf, Chaparral Root, Licorice Root, Rosemary Leaf, Chamomile Flowers, Plantain Leaf, Kelp, Calendula Flowers, Tepezcohuite Root, Comfrey Root, Turmeric, Thyme Leaf added to: Indigo Naturalis, Cherry Kernel, Apricot kernel, Castor Bean, Tocopherol, Flaxseed, Tamanu Oil, Shea Butter, Rosehip Seed, Sunflower Seed Oil, Avocado Oil and Virgin Coconut Oil.

Bar Ingredients: Indigo Naturalis, Tamanu Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil, Neem Oil, Dead Sea Salt, Wheat Germ Oil, Rice Bran Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Flaxseed Oil, Castor Bean Oil, Coconut Oil, Palm Oil, Soya Bean Oil, Sodium Hydroxide and Filtered Water with an herbal infused Rice Bran Oil containing; Chlorella Vulgaris, Chamomile Flowers, Calendula Flowers, White Willow Bark, Comfrey Root, Borage Seed, Butcher's Broom, Plantain, Arica Flowers and Eucalyptus Leaves.