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FYI - even though we ship free, the shopping cart software requires we enter a weight value for every product listing. We selected 1 lb as a default setting. This is the shipping weight, not the actual product weight. Jars are 2 oz liquid value and bars are 5 oz dry weight value, when cut.

Toenail Fungus or onychomycosis, is a condition that affects around 12 percent (38 Million) of the U.S. population. The symptoms of toenail fungus can range from a mild discoloration on the surface of just one toenail to severe deformity of all the nails. In extreme cases, infected nails are so thickened and misshapen that they become painful and interfere with walking. Onychomycosis is typically caused by a dermatophyte fungus that infects the toenail (the "nail plate") or the tissue below it (the "nail bed"). The fungus most commonly responsible for onychomycosis is Trichophyton rubrum, but Trichophyton mentagrophytes can also cause the condition. Trichophyton rubrum also is the main culprit that causes athlete's foot, jock itch and ringworms. Sometimes yeast or nondermatophyte molds may be involved as well. Research results (Pub-Med.gov) demonstated 99.7% of fungi were killed with a group of specific essential oils!

People ask us; is toenail fungus contagious, what kills toenail fungus, how to get rid of toenail fungus while others tell us about toenail fungus home remedies that haven't worked. They tell us about using listerine for toenail fungus, vinegar for toenail fungus, vicks and toenail fungus, tea tree oil toenail fungus, but the signs of toenail fungus remain or get worse.

We have been so Blessed by all the testimonies we've received from customers about how the "Foot Relef" Balm has completely cleared their toenail fungus. All our customer testimonies are so enjoyable to hear, but one stands out in my memory, of a Viet Nam pilot that contracted toenail fungus in the 1970's while in southeast Asia. His wife told the story of how he had tried everything for more than 40 years and saw our Foot Relief balm. He was skeptical, but decided to try it. Within a couple of months there was no evidence that he had ever had toenail fungus, after 40 years!

The Foot Relief Balm contains specific essential oils and herbals to kill the fungi associated with toenail fungus, athlete's foot, jock itch and "Foot Odor". The balm also relieves the pain associated with tired feet and other natural ingredients increase circulation.

The Foot Relief Bar contains Essential oils that work "on contact" and a small amount of fine grade pumice to lightly exfoliate and speed the absorption of the Foot Relief Balm. Used in conjuction, the bar and balm speed the effect and get to the problem source faster than either used alone.